Certified Scoring Software and Services

In the world of patient-reported outcome (PRO) measurement, nothing is more vital than the accuracy of your data. And nothing is more damaging than costly data errors that could have been easily avoided.

Over the years, data quality issues have haunted some large-scale PRO studies. Several organizations have tried to score data from our SF-36v2® Health Survey using homemade computer programs with scoring algorithms provided by QualityMetric publications. Minor programming mistakes or simple formatting errors have led to incorrect scores and misinterpreted results, in some cases leading to millions of dollars in lost revenue.

QualityMetric has developed a solution – QM Certified Scoring. Designed specifically for our generic health surveys, this program assures not only the quality of your data, but its proper interpretation as well. By preventing devastating errors, we simplify the process for you and – most importantly – we provide you with reliable results you can trust.

QM Certified Scoring is available in several versions, including QM Certified Scoring (Insight), which provides further analysis and insight from our Outcomes Insight Consulting Division.

Other versions include:

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The do-it-yourself approach to scoring can, and has, resulted in significant data quality problems. There are alarming examples of what can go wrong, and the results can be very costly.
Mark Kosinski, MA, Vice President and Senior Scientist, Outcomes Insight Consulting Division, QualityMetric