Premenstrual Symptoms Impact Survey (PMSIS)

The Premenstrual Symptoms Impact Survey™ (PMSIS™) is a six question health survey that measures the impact of premenstrual symptoms on an individual’s functional health and well-being. This includes the impact on physical, social, and cognitive functioning (e.g. concentration).

Scientifically valid and brief, the PMSIS is practical for use at both the population level and within daily clinical practice when severe premenstrual symptoms need to be evaluated and monitored, and treatment effectiveness determined. It can also be useful as an educational tool for women to better quantify such impact on their daily life.

The PMSIS is intended for adult females 18 years of age and older with regular menstrual cycles, and is available in U.S. (English) and Turkey (Turkish) with a recall of the most recent menstrual cycle.

Of the nearly 85% of women who experience PMS symptoms,
…approximately 30 to 40% of these women experience symptoms so severe that they disrupt daily activities."

Columbia University Medical Center