Dynamic Health Assessments

Dynamic Health Assessments (DYNHA®) are the result of QualityMetric's application of computerized adaptive testing (CAT) technology to the development and improvement of health surveys. CAT technology allows us to create health surveys that are short, precise, and scientifically valid. These surveys are Internet-based and can be completed quickly, yet yield a wealth of data about an individual's functional health and well-being.

How It Works

The basic goal of DYNHA surveys is to mimic what a clinician would do while assessing a patient. That is, direct questions at the individual’s unique level of health and functioning. DYNHA employs a simple form of artificial intelligence that selects questions tailored to the patient, shortens or lengthens the test to achieve the desired precision or confidence level, scores the responses on a standard metric so results can be compared, and displays the results instantly for the patient and clinician.

To create DYNHA, QualityMetric's scientists accumulated large pools of questions from public and health survey databases, both generic and disease-specific. The DYNHA system contains all of these questions, but poses only those required to calculate a precise score based on an individual's responses to previous questions.

The advantages of DYNHA include:

  • Brevity of a short survey with the accuracy of a long survey
  • More accurate screening for chronic conditions
  • Reliable outcomes monitoring for individuals
  • Lower data collection costs
  • Real-time results with built-in interpretation

The Best of Both Worlds

DYNHA offers a less-intrusive way to measure a patient’s physical and mental health status, delivering more and better information. This technology makes outcomes measurement more accessible to patients, more useful for clinicians, and more valuable for payers and government officials trying to improve health care delivery while conforming to comparative effectiveness research initiatives. 

DYNHA health assessments currently available include:

swimmer in pool
CAT technology allows us to create health surveys that are short, precise, and scientifically valid.