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How to Improve Asthma Management

In America alone, 25 million people are living with asthma—one of the most common and costly diseases with no cure.1 This respiratory condition can be accompanied by transient or chronic symptoms that significantly impact quality of life. In the past, healthcare providers approached asthma treatment by focusing on the severity of a patient’s asthma. With the emphasis now on controlling asthma, clinicians continue to evolve diagnosis and treatment practices, using the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI) Guidelines to inform their care.

Monitoring the status of patient asthma conditions is primarily performed through clinician assessment and patient self-assessment. But some asthma testing techniques present challenges that make it difficult to determine appropriate therapies or assess the impact of delivered treatments. Using validated patient-reported outcome (PRO) surveys and observer-reported outcome (ObsRo) surveys, both physicians and researchers can obtain information on health-related quality of life (HRQoL) through the direct perspectives of patients or their caregivers. When these simple clinical outcome assessment (COA) questionnaires are specific to diseases like asthma, they become valuable HRQoL measurement strategies, capturing data on functional health, well-being, symptoms, environmental stimuli and more. With COA health surveys, providers can make intelligent care decisions and researchers can support the development and testing of new treatments.

Measure Patient Health & Asthma Impact with COAs

Learn more about overcoming the challenges associated with asthma management and discover practical solutions for clinical research and care in a free eBook from QualityMetric. Understand the value that asthma-specific COA instruments can provide in facilitating asthma control with an informative resource on how to capture, analyze and interpret patient experiences. Download the eBook Measuring Asthma Control & Impact with Scientifically Validated COAs today to support your research and care delivery.

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In this eBook, review the four key components of successful asthma management, which begin with a comprehensive understanding of measures to control the factors that may contribute to increased asthma severity.

Interested in using PRO and ObsRo asthma health surveys? Browse QualityMetric’s suite of instruments specific to asthma management: the Asthma Control Test™ (ACT™), the Asthma ACT™ – Caregiver, the Asthma Impact Survey™ (AIS-6™) and the Pediatric Asthma Impact Survey (PAIS-6™).


Contact QualityMetric for information on validated COA solutions for measuring asthma control and explore their use in your research or clinical practice.