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QualityMetric’s SF-36v2 PRO Survey Contributes to EU’s ORCHESTRA SARS-CoV2 Impact Research

New York, September 14, 2021 — QualityMetric (QM), a leading global clinical outcomes assessments (COA) solutions provider and scientific consultancy specializing in patient-reported outcomes (PRO), has announced its collaboration  in ORCHESTRA, a three-year international research project led by the University of Verona to measure the impact of the SARS-CoV2 pandemic. The project involves thirty-seven total partners from fifteen European and non-European countries. QualityMetric’s SF-36v2® PRO health survey will be used, together with other tools, to quantify the impact of the disease’s spectrum of symptoms on the functional health and well-being of affected patients from their own point of view. Additionally, development is in progress to produce country specific preference weights for the SF-6Dv2™️, a health state utility index scored from the SF-36v2, which will support future efforts to evaluate the cost effectiveness of healthcare interventions of SARS-CoV2.


Funded by the European Union under the Horizon2020 ERA vs CORONA Action Plan, ORCHESTRA aims to generate evidence for the purpose of preventing and treating the COVID-19 virus, as well as contribute findings to the discourse on public health threat preparation. A specific component of the ORCHESTRA project aims to evaluate the long-term consequences of COVID-19, and in this context the University of Verona and its partners will administer QualityMetric’s SF-36v2 health survey  to infected individuals of all ages and conditions, in the participating countries.


As the virus continues to devastate communities around the world, an urgent need exists to understand how the pandemic and subsequent public health responses may affect the well-being of the general population and key subgroups. Data from the survey will inform therapeutic measures and add to existing knowledge on the course of the disease, its long-term health implications and the likelihood of patient reinfection.


The SF-36v2, one of QualityMetric’s validated and widely used global COA instruments, captures a broad set of symptoms associated with both common and rare diseases, including their effects on patient mental and physical health. Social isolation, employment instability, financial loss and national emergencies have been linked to impairments in general well-being, and chronic conditions can be exacerbated by stress and the inability to access regular healthcare services.


By collecting data across eight health domains, the short-form survey will help ORCHESTRA researchers quantify COVID-19 patient experiences, predict healthcare utilization and evaluate work productivity and job loss to determine the economic impact of the disease. Leveraging the SF-36v2 will support  the large-scale, pan-European cohort to take an evidence-based approach to developing new recommendations for ongoing COVID-19 prevention, protection and treatment.


“To understand the longitudinal burden and impact of any complex disease, it’s crucial that the healthcare community has access to validated tools like the SF-36v2 to measure a wide range of symptoms and gather meaningful insights from the patient’s perspective,” said Gus Gardner, Chief Executive Officer of QualityMetric. “Our PRO surveys are being used all over the World to measure and manage functional health and well-being at the individual and population level, and we’re eager to lend our instruments and expertise to the ORCHESTRA program for the benefit of navigating the long-term effects of this virus and future health emergencies.”


The application of PRO instruments in community disaster research to quantify physical and mental health may help identify areas of unmet need, evaluate specific interventions and influence health policies.


About QualityMetric

QualityMetric is a leading global COA solutions provider and scientific consultancy specializing in patient-reported outcomes for top life sciences companies that captures, analyzes and interprets patient experiences through reliable measurement tools and multidisciplinary research expertise. With a comprehensive suite of scientifically validated PRO surveys, integrated COA technology and strategic consulting services, QualityMetric helps researchers obtain the evidence to make confident decisions with more meaningful assessments of functional health and well-being. QualityMetric’s health surveys are available in more than 213 linguistically validated languages and supported by PRO researchers with experience in more than sixty therapeutic areas who can provide strategic and analytic guidance for research related to the SARS-CoV2 virus as well as other diseases and conditions. For more information on the QualityMetric’s instruments and scientific expertise connect with us by email at


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