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Vesey Street Capital Partners-Backed QualityMetric Adds Angela Host as Chief Commercial Officer

NEW YORK, March 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — QualityMetric (“QM”), a technology-enabled provider of patient health surveys, ePRO solutions, and consulting services owned by Vesey Street Capital Partners, LLC (“VSCP”), a New York-based healthcare services private equity firm, today announced the addition of Angela Host as its newly-appointed Chief Commercial Officer. Ms. Host has joined the team led by Chief Executive Officer Garth “Gus” Gardner, who has been in that role since soon after the VSCP-led recapitalization of the company in August of 2020.


“We are extraordinarily pleased to have Angie join the QM team at this exciting time in our history as a newly independent company,” said Gardner. “I have known Angie and have worked side by side with her on important and diverse patient-centered pharmaceutical services projects throughout broad swaths of healthcare on multiple occasions in the past.  There has never been a more important need to better measure health from the patient point of view given this time of unprecedented change.  We have asked Angie to spearhead our efforts in this new leadership role of connecting our broadening solutions in science, technology, and services tools to the market in innovative and value-additive ways.”


Added Adam Feinstein, Managing Partner at VSCP, “Vesey Street Capital Partners is honored to be adding someone of the caliber, experience, and reputation of Angie Host to QM’s expanded leadership group.” “Simply put – we’re on a mission to make a difference in patients’ lives through our long-standing and expanding tools and technology at QualityMetric, and to us Angie joining the QM team speaks volumes about that commitment,” noted Larry Marsh, General Partner at VSCP.


Ms. Host’s distinguished career spans 20+ years, with progressively larger leadership roles in healthcare across life sciences, provider, and payer markets. That has included years of sales leadership at GE Healthcare, where she led a large enterprise team, McKesson Technology Solutions, where she directed an EMR-focused sales effort, and Optum (UnitedHealth Group), where she stood up and operated a business that created novel, disease-specific programs bringing together payer, provider and life sciences businesses in targeted projects designed to solve disease-specific challenges in the “Cross Optum” business for OptumInsights. Prior to that, Ms. Host led a sales team at Optum selling pharmaceutical services, data licensing and advanced analytics to the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. Most recently, Ms. Host served as Managing Partner of Life Science sales at Medidata, the global industry leader for clinical trials management software, where she oversaw record segment performance.


“I am extremely excited to be partnered with VSCP, with Gus, and with his leadership team in leading new growth in technology, product, and services expansion. To me, this is a perfect business platform for innovation, new solutions development and for inspiring new methods and technology for measuring health from the patient’s perspective.” suggested Ms. Host. “I look forward to working to further build on QM’s proud history to participate in its bright future.”


QualityMetric works with the world’s leading healthcare and life sciences companies to measure and better understand outcomes through the creation, administration, and review of general and patient-specific health surveys. Founded in 1997, QM combines its proprietary scientifically validated general health and disease specific surveys with its enabling technology, advanced analytics, and sector expertise to work with all the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies in clinical trials and patient surveillance. For more information, please visit


Media Contact:
Bryan Sekino, CFA
Chief Financial Officer
Vesey Street Capital Partners
The Pearline House
428 Greenwich Street
New York, NY 10013
(646) 847-2438

SOURCE Vesey Street Capital Partners