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SF-6Dv2™ Health Utility Survey

Provide your team with the data and insights to make informed decisions at every point in your product’s life cycle with the SF-6Dv2 Health Utility Survey and index.

Whether you’ve used patient-reported outcome (PRO) health surveys before to measure functional health and well-being, or you’re just starting out, our enhanced SF-6Dv2 survey and scoring can help your team make informed decisions at every point in your product’s lifecycle

To License the SF-6Dv2 Health Utility Survey and Index or to speak to our experts about our capabilities, fill out the form below or call us at (800) 572-9394.

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Survey License Application

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Next steps:

If you have started administering the survey, please email a copy of the survey being administered to [email protected]. We will QA the form for any changes that may affect the scoring and interpretation of the data collected. (Fees may apply).

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Scientifically Proven

The SF-6Dv2 Health Utility Survey was developed using content from the SF-36v2® Health Survey, the most widely used measures of health for quality-adjusted life year (QALY) calculations. The SF-6Dv2 provides keen insights into patient heal and product performance by measuring six health domains:



A health utility score provides a summary index of health-related quality of life. This score can be invaluable tool for life sciences, pharma and biotech companies in:

  • Cost-utility analyses to calculate quality adjusted life years
  • Population studies as quality weights for calculating quality-adjusted life expectancy

Watch this webinar on how the SF-6Dv2 survey and scoring can help demonstrate the value of your products.

Read the scientific poster presented at ISPOR EU 2022 to learn more about the development of the SF-6Dv2 Health Utility Weights for the United States.

1 Health Utility Index, 2 Paths, More Flexibility

In pharmacoeconomics, health utility scores are often used to compare the overall benefit of one pharmaceutical drug or therapy to another (or the status quo). Depending on your needs and goals, the SF-6Dv2 score can now be derived from responses to either the SF-6Dv2 survey or the SF-36v2 survey, providing you with increased flexibility. You can even get the SF-6Dv2 score from post datasets of studies that used the SF-36v2.

A World of Answers

The SF-6Dv2 score can be based on utility weights for UK and Australia, providing you with more opportunities to use this dynamic tool to prove the value and efficacy of your product. Weights are under development for additional countries, including the US.

Key Enhancements in SF-6Dv2 Utility Index

Based on the most widely used measure of health for quality-adjusted life year calculations, the SF-36v2® Health Survey

Clear and consistent wording to improve the measurement and understand overall health

Increased flexibility for users deriving the health utility score from either the SF-6Dv2 or SF-36v2® Health Survey

Stand-alone survey with six questions to produce a single SF-6Dv2 health utility score

Takes only 1-2 minutes to complete, easing the burden of patients who are taking the survey

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We are recognized leaders in patient-reported outcomes (PRO) and clinical outcomes assessment (COA) measurement solutions, working with the top healthcare and life science companies to better understand function health and well-being.

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PRO Analytics Platform Scoring

The SF-6Dv2 Health Utility Survey is featured in QualityMetric’s PRO Analytics platform. PRO Analytics gives users the ability to compare your population to either the general population or a condition-specific population to confirm the overall effectiveness of your program. This valuable digital tool can display results of the SF-6Dv2 survey at an aggregated level with data visualization and detailed interpretations that facilitate your understanding of outcomes.