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Overcoming Challenges in Rare Disease Research

More than 30 million people in the United States live with a rare disease. But many rare diseases still lack therapeutic options and have very little published evidence to help elucidate their natural history, clinical outcomes and patient experiences. Although fewer patients mean fewer opportunities to observe the impact of diseases and treatments on patients’ lives, we can build upon existing knowledge with new COA measures. In a free infographic, learn more about QualityMetric’s experience in rare disease research and how PRO tools can generate valuable evidence for new therapies.

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  • The stats that represent rare disease conditions in the U.S. today
  • The value that an experienced COA solutions provider can offer
  • The expertise that QualityMetric has in rare disease research
  • The best approach to supporting evidence generation strategies

Obtain the evidence you need to understand the impact of rare diseases on patients and measure the valuable benefits new therapies may provide. This infographic discusses the field of rare disease research today and provides an overview of QualityMetric’s experience as a COA solutions provider helping to build novel research instruments that meet U.S. and European regulatory standards and support evidence generation strategies and label claims.