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QM is Ready to Redefine Boundaries at ISOQOL 2022

Join the QualityMetric science team for three presentations you won’t want to miss during this year’s ISOQOL Conference


Development of Daily Diary Measures for Derivation of Endpoints in Clinical Trials

Michelle White, Vice President, Consulting Science Services & Senior Scientist, QualityMetric will present:

Wednesday, October 19th 10:30am-12:00pm (CEST)

During the Industry Special Interest Group Symposium


Analysis of Meaningful Within-individual Change – Comparison of Longitudinal Item Response Theory and Statistical Methods

Jakob Bjorner, Chief Scientific Officer, QualityMetric will present: 

Saturday, October 22nd 8:30am (CEST)

During Symposium 04


Use of Modified Delphi Method in a Comprehensive Strategy for the Development of the Transthyretin Amyloidosis – Quality of Life (ATTR-QOL) Questionnaire

Meaghan O’Connor, MTS, MPH, QualityMetric

Saturday, October 22nd 4:10-5:40pm (CEST)

During the Oral Session 302, Qualitative Methods in the Development and Application of PROs

*This presentation includes work done by scientific mastermind QM’ers: Lynne Broderick, Kaitlin LaGasse, Kristen McCausland, and Michelle White


ISOQOL Conference 2022 

As the gold standard in scientifically validated patient-reported outcomes (PRO) surveys QualityMetric is honored to sponsor ISOQOL 2022 with this year’s theme, Redefining Boundaries – breaking new ground in patient-centered outcomes research

For more information on ISOQOL 29th Annual Conference visit: 29th Annual Conference | ISOQOL

We look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new. 


QM Scientific Expertise

QM believes in an end-to-end approach when it comes to helping clients put together their evidence generation plans. Whether for regulatory or exploratory end points, QM patient-reported outcomes (PRO) and clinical assessment outcome (COA) surveys can illuminate how specific disease conditions impact patients. 

Visit to learn more about our end-to-end approach and rare disease expertise: Rare Disease Expertise at QualityMetric | We Measure Health.