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We're on a mission to advance migraine research by growing a powerful set of data based on your real experiences.

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Electronic Data Capture

Our robust, cloud-based data collection portal

Our cloud-based portal is designed to securely and accurately capture data from patients, clinicians, or caregivers across multiple modes of administration. Its features and functionality can be customized to study-specific procedures, content and goals. Our intuitive system can enable rapid study start-up to accelerate data collection. We maintain the confidentiality of your data through a series of functional and technical security processes.

Through flexible reporting and visualization capabilities, our program leverages your data to generate automatic, real-time insights to track trends over time and compare scores across demographic and condition-specific benchmarks as well as general population norms. Data can be viewed on the level of individual patients, sites, disease/treatment-specific groups, or the total population, and include a range of standardized, easily-interpreted measures of health status.

individual researchers and organizations use our program

A wide array of features

Flexible Data Collection
Capture data across multiple modes.
Automated Patient
Let patients know when it’s time to take a survey or schedule a visit.
Management Tools
Customize your data fields for cohort comparisons.
Multi-User Capability
Have multiple patients or researchers log on to complete tasks simultaneously.
Implementation Capacity
Program our system into your existing website or electronic data collection (EDC) engine, enabling access through a single sign-on.
Role-Based Access
Enable role-based access for each level of your research team.
Reporting Capabilities
Track trends over time to compare treatments, programs, individual patients and groups.

Optimized with reports specific to the SF-12v2® Health Survey & the SF-36v2® Health Survey.

Interpretation against specific conditions, demographics or general population norms
Healthcare expenditure prediction for an individual, based on sample data and its corresponding percentile in the general population
Individual and aggregate reports for patients and providers, allowing comparisons among treatments, programs, and populations
Screening for depression
Health economic evaluation using our utility index, the SF-6Dv2™ Health Utility survey

Bringing your insights to life

Our analytics module is an innovative feature of our cloud-based program, built for seamlessly converting data into intuitive reports. Engage with your data on our visualization dashboards for in-depth displays and interpretations of patient-reported health.

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Scientific Consulting, Scoring and Analytics Service

Our scientific consultants provide a certified scoring service to score and interpret COA data. Leveraging decades of PRO expertise, they can create a more comprehensive understanding of observed scores that extends beyond our analytical technologies.

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