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We're on a mission to advance migraine research by growing a powerful set of data based on your real experiences.

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Scoring & Interpretation

Proven methods for accuracy and efficiency.

Certified Scoring Solutions

We offer every licensee standardized scoring services and technologies focused on absolute accuracy. Our solutions leverage standardized algorithms to score datasets provided either through your team or our surveys. We ensure quality by identifying and correcting any errors that may impact your interpretation of the results.


Adherence to content and scoring standards is essential for valid, reliable data interpretation. It ensures that your results properly align across all studies and surveys, which is particularly important when collecting large amounts of data through our SF health surveys. In our experience, deviation from standardized methods may not only prevent legitimate comparisons of study results, but potentially discredit your evidence for FDA submission.


Our scoring solutions range from downloadable and online programs, to manual scoring services conducted by our world-renowned research experts.

Certified Scoring Software
Online Scoring Program
Manual Scoring Service

Data Interpretation

Through our consulting services, our experts help you identify, generate and communicate evidence of clinical care and treatment benefits. Leveraging your observed patient data, we guide your teams towards answers to mission-critical questions.

In extracting more meaningful insights, we help healthcare regulators, payers, providers, caregivers and patients make more informed decisions on care delivery and on drug therapy and device development.

Areas of Analysis

Baseline Burden of Disease
Assess the functional burden of patients by setting their baseline scores against general population norms.
Treatment Efficacy
Examine the statistical significance and clinical meaningfulness of changes in patient scores from pre- to post-treatment
Norm-based Interpretation of Treatment Effects
Interpret the HRQOL benefits of treatment by showing the degree to which burden is reduced, or even eliminated.
Categorical Change – Treatment Responders
Shows the percentage of patients in a treatment group who achieved a pre-defined magnitude of change from baseline to endpoint.
Criterion-based Interpretation of Change Scores
Show differences or changes in scores in relation to external measures, such as COA instruments.
Content-based Interpretation
Examine changes in responses to individual survey items to determine any potential improvements conferred by a treatment.
Depression Screening
Estimate the prevalence of depression for patients in each treatment condition.