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ePRO & EDC Integration: Seamless integration for optimal efficiencies using Web Service Application Programming Interface (API), Single Sign-on Access (SSO) or Electronic-Friendly Survey Administration. FIND OUT HOW

ePRO & EDC Integration

Seamless integration for optimal efficiencies

Web Service Application Programming Interface (API)

QualityMetric’s Web Service API is an integrated solution that allows sponsors or 3rd party cloud-based applications to remotely communicate with QualityMetric’s eCOA platform. QualityMetric’s eCOA platform is a scoring engine that processes survey data into rich, meaningful insights. Using the web service, survey data collected in a partner application (such as a website, an electronic medical record (EMR), or an electronic data capture (EDC) system) may be communicated to QualityMetric over the internet to score and interpret data. This data is then scored and communicated back to the sponsor or 3rd party application. With the Scoring Web Service, sponsors or 3rd party vendors can provide real-time scoring and interpretation.

Single Sign-on Access (SSO)

QualityMetric’s seamless user experience allows for data collection, scoring, and reporting, using a single sign-on access from a sponsor or 3rd party vendor’s application. The sponsor or 3rd party vendor’s application performs all registration and validation of the user (patient, caregiver, or physician) and communicates this information to QualityMetric’s eCOA platform via an SSO interface. This login authentication is invisible to the user while they are linked directly to the survey to be completed. Upon completion of the survey, the results and interpretation are reported to the user (optionally), the scores are communicated back to the sponsor or 3rd party vendor application and/or saved in QualityMetric’s eCOA platform, and the user is directed back to the sponsor or 3rd party vendor’s application.

Electronic-Friendly Survey Administration

There is a rising need for surveys with greater accessibility across electronic devices. QualityMetric offers electronic-friendly survey administration for handheld and tablet devices.

QualityMetric’s patient-reported outcome (PRO) surveys are available as a validated Single-Item Format (SIF) to be programmed as one question at a time on a handheld or tablet device.

With a year-long subscription to our PRO Library Database, you can rapidly deploy and re-use surveys for faster study start up times.

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