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Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Fragile Infant Transition Summary™

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Fragile Infant Transition Summary™ (NICU FITS) is comprised of five multi-item scales that range from six to ten items in length measuring Maternal satisfaction with the NICU experience, support and encouragement received with the transition from NICU to home, self-confidence, coping and anxiety.

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The NICU FITS Evaluation was developed for use in clinical trials, physician benchmarking programs, and patient-specific reporting. . Response options range from four to five levels using conventional standards. The five scales measure maternal satisfaction with the NICU experience, support an encouragement received with the transition experience from NICU to home, self-confidence, coping, and anxiety. Two global items measure infant progress and development, and an overall rating of the infant’s health and well-being. The NICU FITS also tracks the number of emergency room visits and hospitalizations.

Completion times can vary depending on a complex host of issues such as the setting, context, age, cognitive functioning, language, layout, etc.

View a comprehensive list of peer-reviewed manuscripts documenting the development, validation, use and effectiveness of the NICU FITS: Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Fragile Infant Transition Summary™ .

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Completion time:
5–15 minutes
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Administered to:
Children aged 5–18
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