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QM COAs can help capture slowed decline in physical functioning and well-being. Learn how to illuminate the impact of cancer treatments and therapies using COA measures in a free oncology-focused guide.

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The SF-12v2 PRO Health Survey

Measure functional health and well-being from the patient’s point of view with the SF-12v2® Health Survey.

The SF-12v2® Health Survey can be used across age, disease and treatment groups, in contrast to a disease-specific health survey, which focuses on a particular disease or condition.

Because the SF-12v2® Health Survey uses T scores, the health domain and component summary measure scores can be compared with those from other SF™ health surveys. For scoring interpretation, consult the SF-36v2® and SF-12 scoring range guide.

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An Abridged Version of the SF-36v2® Health Survey

The SF-12v2® Health Survey is a practical, reliable, and valid measure of physical and mental health. It is a 12-item short-form health survey that assesses the same eight health domains as the SF-36v2® Health Survey, acting as an abridged version with one or two questions per domain: physical functioning, role-physical, bodily pain, general health, vitality, social functioning, role-emotional, and mental health. Each health domain score contributes to the Physical Component Summary (PCS) and Mental Component Summary (MCS) scores. The SF-12 health survey is a self-reported outcome measure designed for use among the general population. Access our convenient quick start guide to learn more about survey administration and capabilities.

As a versatile quality of life questionnaire, other measures can be derived from SF-12 questionnaire data, including the SF-6Dv2® preference-based utility index and the medical expenditure prediction to help understand the economic impact of a patient’s condition and treatment.

Using the SF-12 Health Status Measure to Improve Predictions of Medical Expenditures
Medical Care

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Long-Term Natalizumab Treatment Is Associated with Sustained Improvements in Quality Of Life In Patients with Multiple Sclerosis
Patient Preference and Adherence

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Relationship Between Objective Financial Burden and the Health-Related Quality of Life and Mental Health of Patients with Cancer
Journal of Oncology Practice

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Completion time:
5–10 minutes
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Administered to:
Adults aged 18 and older
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Recall period:
4-week, 1-week
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Interpretation & Insights

Combining our eCOA Platform with research expertise, our consultants help your teams develop, validate, implement and analyze PROs with a custom approach. Our services ensure you gain the most meaningful insights on patient-reported data.

Consulting Support

  • Medical Expenditure

  • Healthcare Utilization

  • Productivity

  • Health Utility

  • Future Hospitalization

Translations Available by Modes of Administration

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