Desktop Software

Our desktop data collection, scoring and reporting software

The desktop software is ideal for organizations that would prefer to collect, score, interpret, and report on QualityMetric’s patient-reported outcome (PRO) surveys on a local desktop computer.

A robust array of features

Flexible Data Collection
Input data on-screen or import via a CSV file.
Certified scoring
Precisely and accurately score your data.
Data Quality Evaluation
Proactively identify problems with data quality.
Missing Data Estimation (MDE) Algorithms
Calculate scores for partially completed surveys.

Optimized with reports specific to the SF-12v2® Health Survey & the SF-36v2® Health Survey

Interpretation against specific conditions, demographics or general population norms
Healthcare expenditure prediction for an individual, based on sample data and its corresponding percentile in the general population
Individual and aggregate reports for patients and providers, allowing comparisons among treatments, programs, and populations
Screening for depression
Health economic evaluation using our utility index, the SF-6Dv2® Health Utility survey

Electronic Data Capture and Analytics

Our cloud-based solution can be customized with the features and functionality you need to capture and visualize data from patients, clinicians, or caregivers.

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Scientific Consulting, Scoring and Analytics Service

Our scientific consultants provide a certified scoring service to score and interpret COA data. Leveraging decades of PRO expertise, they can create a more comprehensive understanding of observed scores that extends beyond our analytical technologies.

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