QualityMetric and Survivor Healthcare enter a partnership to study unmet cognitive health needs of cancer patients.

Rhode Island — September 30, 2021 —QualityMetric, today announced a new partnership with Survivor Healthcare. The companies will be partnering to implement and measure an integrated program designed to improve cognitive functioning and overall health quality of life for cancer patients.


Up to 70% of cancer patients receiving chemotherapy report symptoms of cognitive impairment during or after treatment that can adversely affect functioning and well-being. Survivor Healthcare has designed an evidence-based, multidisciplinary approach to address this common unmet need.


QualityMetric’s gold standard patient-reported outcomes (PRO) will be used to assess cognitive functioning, sleep quality, and health related quality of life.


Work to date has focused on developing a measurement strategy that provides an assessment of basic cognitive functioning, overall sleep quality and health-related quality of life.


Grant funding opportunities will be pursued to develop and validate Survivor Healthcare’s intervention program. QualityMetric’s patient-based assessments of cognitive functioning, sleep quality and health-related quality of life will be implemented to evaluate the efficacy of the program.




QualityMetric is committed to improving healthcare through measurement of health and outcomes from the patient’s perspective.