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Scoring the SF-36v2® & SF-12v2® Health Surveys: Ranges for the Standard & Acute Versions

The SF-36v2® and SF-12v2® Health Surveys are patient-reported outcome (PRO) assessments designed to measure the quality of life and functional health and well-being of patients across a variety of health conditions. With data from these robust questionnaires, researchers, investigators, providers and other healthcare professionals can factor in the voice of the patient as they conduct studies, develop new treatments and therapies and deliver patient-centric care. Both surveys assess health-related quality of life as measurements that offer an unbiased view of health outcomes and study results.


To achieve productive results that properly align across research efforts, it’s important that users of the SF-36v2® and SF-12v2® Health Surveys adhere to established content and scoring standards. Doing so will produce valid data you can trust and reliable interpretations that generate meaningful insights.


Understanding PRO Score Ranges


To accompany our PRO measures, QualityMetric offers all survey licensees standardized scoring services and technologies that aim to preserve absolute accuracy throughout the analysis process. But understanding how assessment scores are structured can benefit both independent and assisted interpretation.


Obtain a comprehensive overview of scoring the standard and acute versions of the SF-36v2® and SF-12v2® Health Surveys in our official scoring data sheet. This document details the minimum and maximum norm-based scores as well as the score range for each scale and the surveys’ core summary health components—the Physical Heath Component (PCS) and Mental Health Component (MCS).


Review possible response combinations for two high-value PRO instruments in this helpful guide. Download the data sheet today, and reach out to QualityMetric for answers to any additional scoring questions you may have.


[Download Data Sheet]


Finding Scoring & Interpretation Support


QualityMetric provides norm-based scoring (NBS), in which the mean score in the U.S. general population is set to 50 and the standard deviation is set to 10. Our team of experienced consultants can help guide the norm-based analysis of treatment effects through a variety of certified scoring and interpretation solutions that utilize standardized algorithms to score datasets. Answer mission-critical questions with support from the world-renowned research experts at QualityMetric.


  • Certified Scoring Software
  • Online Scoring Program
  • Manual Scoring Service
  • Data Interpretation


Two Versatile PRO Surveys


Learn more about two of our most popular patient-reported outcome studies and discover how they can facilitate your own research objectives.


The SF-36v2® Health Survey measures functional health and well-being from the patient’s perspective with questions that span eight health domains: physical functioning, role-physical, bodily pain, general health, vitality, social functioning, role-emotional and mental health. This reliable questionnaire can be leveraged across age, disease and treatment groups.


The SF-12v2® Health Survey assesses the same eight health domains as the SF-36v2® in an abbreviated format with one to two questions per area. Other measures can be derived from data collected through the SF-12v2® Health Survey, including the SF-6D® preference-based utility index and the medical expenditure prediction to evaluate economic impacts.


The SF-36v2® and SF-12v2® Health Surveys can help your team make informed decisions at every point in the product lifecycle. Contact QualityMetric for more information about these assessments and other COA solutions.